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Check out the most experimental Holodexxx content that we have to offer! Feel free to leave suggestions/comments/bugs in the forum below. Your feedback will continue to build our experiences, and the sooner you let us know your ideas, the faster we can get them in the build.


  • Holodexxx Home Cinema (showing a full film from Erika Lust!)
  • Holodexxx Home: EP1
  • Holodexxx Home: EP2
  • Holodexxx Customizer
  • Holodexxx Studio

New Features:

  • Photo Studio Beta
    • Use realistic studio equipment to cast Euphoria in the best light
    • Find Euphoria's sexiest angles with a fully featured VR camera (Image capture at launch, video capture to come)
    • Place Euphoria and her friends in compromising situations, and play a variety of naughty animations to complete your fantasy
    • Visit various shoot locations (Beachfront at launch, others to come)

  • Customizer Beta
    • Includes a bunch new customizer options and clothes; style Euphoria to your personal taste 
  • Updated UI
    • A full overhaul of the UI system, with further advancements to come
    • Includes stickmove locomotion

Min Spec: Recent Intel i5, 16GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 970, Windows 10

Device Support: Rift, Vive, Pimax, WMR & 2D

Dev Notes:

  • Press Tab to open the menu in 2D

If you find a bug, please log it HERE so we will fix it.


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $29.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

holodexxx-experimental-branch-windows.zip 3 GB
Version 13

Development log


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How do you start this? I always getting an error when trying to start this:
"Plugin 'AppleARKit failed to load because module 'AppeARKit' could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project"

Will this be getting the Riley Redux update? 

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No sound at all.  How do I fix that?


When is the update?

no idea how to download this game

Can not down load game please help

Bought and downloaded, but getting "out of memory error trying to allocate a texture" when launching? Please halp :) Windows 11, 3080 card, HP Reverb G2

So I purchased the Patreon, bought virtual desktop through my quest 2, and got steam set up. I want to know how I use the .exe file download through my Mac on steam. 


holodexxx is dead.

( i hope it's not)


It's not :) Just working on some cool stuff without hyping it every month.


Thanks for letting us know. :-)


I'll have a look at the Dev Builds/WIP and push the project forward a bit, it's a shame if so much potential should go down the drain. 68 bucks/month should be enough to straight forward the project (:


Is there going to be an update anytime soon?


Hi, I'm going to buy the game.

Updates are done automatically from itch?



You guys should join forces with the team behind VR HOT. With your body scan technology, and their physics/interaction work, you could really take this stuff to the next level.


Not seeing the function to add any other models or to be able to spawn Euphoria in the movie room or move her around like that at all, in the Itch.io download please update the file, Also i do like how you can almost be your own director of a porn scene, i do enjoy taking pictures!


Sooo when will we be getting G2 support?? Maybe you should put a big disclaimer on the website: NOT compatible with G2

A little confused here, but how do you get updates on games purchased through itch.io?  Do we only get the version available  at time of purchase, and have to subscribe to Paetron for updates?

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You will be getting updates through itch.io. This release was meant to end in 2020, but we have extended it to 2021 considering our lack of content over the last few months.


Reverb G2 user here. I'm unable to progress with any of the episodes.

The moment any speech/dialogue options come up, the stick on the left pad seems to get disabled and I cannot choose an option to proceed.

Is there any way to fix this or skip dialogue somehow?


i have the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Same issue here. Not playable with G2 (yet)

See my reply to superuser42.

I did get it to work after some fiddling by remapping the controls in SteamVR.
Set the controller's left joystick to the Vive setting... I forget the specific name, but there should only be the one.

Once this is working and you get to episode 2, you might have issues with the panel overlay where the laser pointer simply isn't there so you can't pick anything or progress - you'll understand what I mean when you get to it.
Didn't find a good solution for this one other than tapping the watch to get to it to show and try to very clumsily point that way. Occasionally, if you tap a few times quickly it'll get stuck and you can use it to continue.

Good luck!

mmm cant get this to work either...steamvr contoller settings are super complex and im just too stupid :-)


HP Reverb G2 user here! Any update on the possible fix for the controllers? Some of my controls appear to map okay like movement and turning but I am unable to pick things up or change the height of the camera. 


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

leider habe ich das Problem, das ich von anfangan keine Fragen beantworten kann die mir gestellt werden im Spiel. Ich besitze die HP Reverb g2 mit den dazugehörigen Motion Controllern.

Gibt es eine Lösung dazu ? Immerhin kam das Speil 30$



Recently bought the game today. Will be interresting adding some outfit, like nurse, secretary, schoolgirl and other type of cloth, like stocking/nylon, gaterbelt, boot, latex etc.

Keep the good work !!! 

Work great for me with my oculus Quest 2 and link cable. Dont have a lot of play time at this time to tell you more about it.

I have qest2 as well, but I dont get it to change hight. At the moment Im very short and thats bad. Whats the way?

Try the “Raise View” option under the Experimental Features tab in the Quest settings menu.  That might work for you.


game crashes, cant even load it. ive opened it from the file manager, and itch, itll do the loading symbol the itll show the menu and load for eternity, if theres anyway to fix this please let me know.

how to i play in vr mod

Will support for the Quest 2 via link cable come any time soon?

I tried running it with my quest but even though my laptop matches the specs, the game ran at a snails pace inside the headset

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Works for me on quest 2 via link cable or wireless. Sounds like you should have a look at the scaling options on the oculus menu on your host (laptop in your case).


Would be cool if the game didnt show up on the PC, given this is an adult game

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I am impressed with the scope and promise of this project and I have been able to work through some bugs and issues on my own. Posted earlier/ lower down. Now I have one that I can't work around. In Ep 2, when we get to the bedroom Euphoria doesn't lay down on the bed. She remains standing, going through her dialog. I am running the May 8th update using a WMR headset through SteamVR. I try to run it through the Itch Launcher, but get an error, so I have to run it from File Explorer.

can you run itch games with a wmr headset?

I bought the Experimental Game for $29 and playing Episodes 1 & 2 I get these errors at various times:
Low Level Fatal Errors and Fatal Game Errors

I just downloaded and unzipped it to a folder. I have the latest graphic drivers for my system. I'm running an I7 6 core 3.4 with 16 gigs of ram and a 1070TI with 11 gigs of video ram. 

I can't play for more than 2-3 minutes and an error will popup and then the game locks up and quits.

Hiya, are you downloading the games through the Itch.io launcher? We have multiple updates for Experimental which would download through the itch.io launcher.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the reply! I deleted and re-downloaded through the launcher which I didn't before. However, I still get the same errors in my original post. Also the dialogue skips in Episode 1. 

Here is an error I get alot.


Yes, this happens to me too with the experimental version, but I buy the separate ep 1 and ep 2 version and they work perfect


30€ zuviel bezahlt!!!. Episode 1 und 2 stürzen ständig ab. Dialoge haken und passen nicht zur Handlung.  Beim nachladen zuckt und verzerrt das Bild extrem. So richtiger Müll.  Entweder nachbessern oder Geld zurück, bitte.


Können Sie uns sagen, welche Grafikkarte und welches HMD Sie verwenden?

Ja gern. Eine Nvidea 1040 ti und eine 1070 ti. Episode1 und Episode2 als Einzeldownload laufen ja auch ohne Probleme. Der Construktions oder Studio Teil des Bundels läuft ja auch einwandfrei. Es ist kein Hardware Problem!


and now ???? Where is the mistake? What can i Do to use the Software?

Will there be any updates to this soon? Seems like the last one was back in feb. Thanks!

Hi, we just updated (last week) with our pose rig. Our updates are usually monthly


Maybe I'm missing something-where would I see the updated pose rig? 

Cant get any of the Holodexx products to run in VR which seems a bit pointless. Running a standard Occulus Rift set up on Windows 10.  No matter what I do the software just runs on my normal display rather than in VR. Am I missing something here????

There has been a change with the itch.io launcher that is causing the game to run natively in 2D. If you open the game by way of the Holodexxx.exe, it will run in VR if you have SteamVR running. 
Sorry for the annoyance, we are trying to figure out this issue as well.

Having this issue as well, if a fix can be detailed in the Help or faqs section would be great since I suspended my pledge till I can get the VR mode working, if it doesn't then it goes against why I even invested in it. So please lay out a user-friendly fix for everyone so we know. Even exiting steam VR and going Virtual Desktop didn't work everything is running in 2D regardless of which file I run first etc.. Cant see any button to change to VR either or change setup to run VR default.

Are there any graphics options for the game? I have over the min specs but the game hardly runs at all and I do not know why. 

Episode 1 and 2 is crashing in experimental game version and the dialogue and subtitles is skip sometime, i buy the episode 1 separate and is work perfect no crashing and the dialogue is good and subtitles too. 

I Occulus Rift on my Windows 10 based PC and I cant seem to get it to work in VR?  It just appears in 2D on my screen but not on my VR headset?  Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong?

I had the same issue.  Pretty poor of the Devs not to investigate and explain.  Anyway, for myself, this solved it.  Make sure you have Oculus VR (if on Oculus) and Steam VR already running.  Now, DO NOT try to start it from the Itch.io app launcher.  Instead, use Windows explorer to find your install location and run the .exe directly.


Thank you my friend, it does seem a little odd that the developers would leave this for us to discover but hey ho!

Heya, just seeing this. Honestly, we have separate rigs that test in 2D and VR, so we never run into this issue. Thanks for pointing it out! We'll make sure to create a launcher in the future

Just purchased through the Banned On Steam Sale.  This episode crashes during the Media Room scene.  It doesn't display an error message, just a crash to desktop.  I am using an Oculus Rift.  Episode 1 worked just fine.  It just seems to be this episode.

Hiya LinkRS,
Sorry about that. Can you give me a bit more information about your PC? Which video card are you using? What was happening when it crashed?

Hi Mike,

Well, I’m attempting to play through Episode 2.  During the 3rd sequence in the media room, everything seems to work fine up until the spanking and vibrator section.  Right after you solve that, the game just exits.  No error messages or warnings.  This has happened twice now.  I’m running it on an Alienware Aurora R11, with 32GBs of RAM and an nvidia RTX 3080.  All Windows updates are current, and running latest GeForce drivers.   the game client seems to be version 13.  Thanks for such a quick response.


Is there a way to make this work with HP Reverb G2 controllers? Can't select anything in the dialogue wheel.


We just picked up an HP Reverb 2 because of the bugs surrounding that HMD. We're updating the build on Monday/Tuesday to crush any related bugs.


Are you still planning on addressing this issue?


Still not fixed. I have the same issue. Have a support ticket requesting a refund.

I'm running WMR on a Samsung Odyssey Plus. When playing Ep 2, the pointer function to change her clothes doesn't work since the last update. Any thoughts?

How would one go about to watch the included "full film from Erika Lust!"? It does not seem to be among the streaming videos, does it?

Unfortunately I was still unable to find the included movie. Could someone point me the right way?

it wont accept anymore payment all it does is redirect me to itch.io


discoverd via reddit vie a pcgamer article that steam rejected you.

almost better in a way to not be on steam, for users at least.... I like my profile and don't especially want my friends to know what I own lol


Yeah, that is a fair response. It's bizarre Steam hasn't created a "hidden games" feature yet. There are a ton of use cases for it, not just adult content.
Also, welcome :) Thanks for checking us out!

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also discovered the same way i currently  own house party lol but then found the article and it said it has vr lol so   i had to buy some packages lol

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They are actually hypocrites at Steam because VR Hot is being sold there no problem. If that's not porn, I don't know what is.

Look, I also have a problem with HP Reverb G2 controllers, could you explain what can be done to make them work? I also have no sound at all in the game when it is not in focus.

lol yes 

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so I'm kinda liking all of it except my index controllers don't work for your game.... would you consider a refund?  thanks

bug on placing episode card in holodexx slot in wall in the game . also on selecting items from clothing customisation and in video room sometimes clicking controller button  to select wont work. using quest 2. also how do i progress from video room after the video finishes, how do i get sex scene

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Seems a little pricey for what feels like a barely interactive tech demo

The "Corrupt Data" bug crashes Holodexxx Experimental when I try to fast travel to customize or studio.  This happens every time with either itch install or manual.  Home 1 & 2 work fine, as does the Reily Reid demo.  I'm using an Oculus.  Whatever patch was implemented a few weeks ago doesn't work.

I had to completely remove every trace of the game and reinstall to fix that with the latest version

Thank you for replying, jesterobh3.  I installed the game for the first time (and second and third) two days ago, shortly before making the post.  I understand why referencing the patch made it look like I had an earlier version.  I referenced the patch because I read about it in this thread.  So I'm fairly certain through either itch or Patreon I've installed the latest version.  Does the rig have something do with it?  I'm using a Quest 2 which isn't specifically listed as supported.  Every other piece of GO/Rift/Quest 1 software I've tried so far has worked flawlessly.

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