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Holodexxx Home EP 2: Euphoria Evolved is the continuation of our first interactive VR/2D story. Return to your cyberpunk condo, and continue crafting Lady Euphoria into the companion of your dreams. Unlock the customization room, watch spicy videos in the Holodexxx cinema, and explore Euphoria's body hands on. Reach out and touch the future of virtual companionship!

Core Features:

  • Built for VR & 2D (Supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Rift S, Valve Index and Samsung Odyssey+ (WMR) & keyboard and mouse in non-VR mode).
  • Our first Holodexxx 2.0 model, Lady Euphoria, built from next generation photogrammetry scans of Marley Brinx 
  • Chatbot powered facial animations and MoCap driven body anims
  • Expertly performed dialog from a professional voice actress
  • Interactive VR mechanics, including clothing removal
  • See development blog for additional update info!

New Features:

  • Customization Room: Explore new clothing options and modify Euphoria to your liking. Customization options will be continuously updated and added.
  • Real Touch: Enjoy our first generation touchable skin, coupled with our first physical interaction system. These features will continue to evolve.
  • Video Theater: Stream videos, or enjoy your own media through our large virtual screen. Additional functionality coming in the 1.5 update!
  • Interactive Sexy Toys: Play with our first sex toy interactives, and give Euphoria the pleasure she deserves


  • Min Spec: Recent Intel i5  / 16GB Ram / Nvidia GTX 970  / Windows 10
  • Requires Holodexxx Home to play
    • Download & install Holodexxx Home, install Episode 2 and launch through Holodexxx Home
  • Device Support: Rift, Vive, Pimax, WMR & 2D

Have a bug to report? Report it and we will fix it :)  Here's our public bug list.

Access all of our titillating content, including the beginning of our first story in Holodexxx Home over at our Patreon.  

All funds raised from any Holodexxx experiences goes right back into our project, with the ultimate goal of creating the most realistic adult experience ever developed.  Join us, and let's make the future of adult entertainment, together :)

Other Holodexxx Experiences:

Play with one of the world鈥檚 hottest adult stars, Riley Reid, in an up-close lap dance experience. Sneak Peek supports VR (Rift/Vive/Pimax/WMR) and 2D.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

DLC_Episode02.pak 50 MB
Version 8

Development log


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So, for 9.99 I purchase holodexxx home & EP3, or only EP3 and request additional the Holodexxx Home as separate purchase? 


i cant get ep 2 to run through itch. it just opens the folder up with the pak file, help plz

we need to change height as well, i like shorter girls

what if we bought this off of vrporn.com with the premium  membership? Do we have to buy it here as well to make all the dlc work? Cause i cant figure out how or where to place the dlc files to make them work in game without using the itch.io launcher. any help would be appreciated! 

Our DLC will work regardless of where you purchased the build. Feel free to grab the DLC from VRPorn, or through Itch.io. Whatever makes sense for you!


The Patreon, with 1300 active patrons at time of writing, hasn't been updated since June 25, 2021 (8 months ago) and Itch hasn't had an update post since a year before that (a preview about episode 3, which still doesn't exist as far as I can tell) what is even still happening here?


game developments are big projects.. indie take longer than big companies.. usually games take 5-11years to develop

When running Episode 2, I am unable to answer the conversation multiple choice questions and thus cannot proceed more than a few mins into the game. The prompt appears attached to my left hand, but no input that I can find allows me to highlight or select a response.

I am using Windows 10, an HTV Vive Pro headset, and Valve index controllers. I can try with the Vive Pro controllers if you need, however Episode 1 worked with the Index controllers so I assume Episode 2 would as well.

Also, now that I've run into this issue in Episode 2, I can no longer select dialogue in Episode 1, so in that game too I am unable to play.

is there an estimate for the full release?

still after almost a year havent fixed the hand tracking disspearing when she tells you to take her top off in the media room insane 

Hiya XZorax. That problem is fixed in Experimental. Feel free to email info@holodexxx.com and I'll send ya a free key :)
Sorry about the annoyance!

Is this project alive? Cant find any news.

We are very much alive, and hiring! If you know of any talented Unreal game designers, send them our way :)

The only community posts and comments on Patreon for the past six months are  just unanswered questions about if this project is dead. Are you only updating in discord these days?


Yup, but I'll make a post this week about our progress. Sorry about that!


22 days later...

Hi , I am downloading euphoria game EP2 but am not getting the proper .exe file that will open the game on oculus , please advise

Hi, am wondering if I need to pay above monthly to get EP2

No, you do not

hi, I am downloading the all the games but not getting the proper .exe file that will open them , please sdvise


For some reason, the Holodexxx Home won't start on VR on my computer. No problem with the gallery though. Using Quest+VD. Any idea what may be the problem?

I think you should have stayed with "Holodexxx Home EP2" instead of "HDX". I searched on the itch app for "Holo" and EP2 didn't show up.

Was confused why it didn't show up.


Having issue with Rift Touch and controls. Pressing X on rift shows the pointer, but no actions can be taken that require interaction with items in the room or with the model. Prevents all game play. Is there a way to check the bindings? I found the Oculus Rift Touch.json file but not sure what to do with it. Launching the game via .exe or from Itch.io yields same results.

Put this on Steam.

This as an experience is most akin to VRParadise, unfortunately that game is more polished and user friendly. -Google the Valve fiasco

What this has done right is the voice acting (It's scripted), but easy enough to expand into further dialogue options. The facial expressions are acceptable most of the time, fantastic in the right position, and occasionally creepy. This plays along into most of the physical movements, which again comparing the previously mentioned game this thing blows at. Euphoria gets contorted too easily and would likely benefit from straight 3D modeling rather than scanning but I understand they're using actual models. It may hold this project back into the future not my field of expertise. 

As a whole the controls are god awful, you move like a VR game from 2015, no customization, volume adjustment doesn't work without restarting. There's just no options. Another thing that's similar to VRP is this melts my system. UE4 is a beautiful engine but boy is this unoptimized the same and I don't expect most other people tried this with a 3090 like myself so good luck to everyone who's poor.

My recommendation from a consumers perspective, pick a path and fire down it quick before someone else does. There's potential here to have a companion sim, or a straight sex sim. You guys as a team should pick one of those two, currently it feels experimental into both and maybe I'm stating the obvious here.

TLDR: Competent college kids made a VR porn sim that's not broken but too expensive for what it is. 

Really incredible work has gone into this. Definitely more polished and better than many other games of a similar design, and I can see the potential for the roadmap going forward, not knowing everything you plan on doing.

A few thoughts, taken with a grain of salt. It would be nice if she could wander the condo, even in freeplay mode. Where she just does different things around the house that could allow for player emergent gameplay and spontaneous moments. Both scripted and unscripted. Even if she  'blinks' to other parts of the house there is so much potential here. Really amazing stuff.

Some examples:
- Hide and seek game (flirtatious)
- Chasing around the house
- Emergent Furniture Utilization (Kitchen Counter, Bathtub, Vanity, Couch, etc..)
- "Opportunities" to play in unique ways that stretch the believability of her character, and reveal more 'story'. Maybe even explore emotional contextual ideas for different kinds of experiences.

Only real criticism at this point, knowing you guys are still doing tons of work, is that the condo lighting really feels odd. The black void outside would really benefit from a wide vista of a city (if the cyberpunk theme is a staple.) Some general set dressing and compositional staging with the light would be a nice improvement imho. Lighting also feels harsh in some areas and then dim/neutral in others, like the kitchen for example. Seeing this modern house during the day with bloom coming through the windows and lots of soft light could make for an interesting alternative mood, but I still love the cyberpunk vibe too. 

I'm sure some if not all of this is probably already planned, but I figured I'd mention it if it does give some idea of what a player like myself would love to see. It's amazing so far. The TV Stream/Local play is a really nice touch.


Can you somehow make Euphoria show up in the media room in freemode? I think she mentions something to leave a copy. But I did not find any keycard or something.

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I am using Vive HTC. The VR Controls have no information in game on how to use them. I literally have to guess my way through.

when will you update more content ?.

Cant launch this game. It just opens windows explorer.


Do you have it properly nested into Holodexxx Home EP1?


Just purchased and attempted to play episode 2, but after loading the ep 2 tape it gets stuck at the press trigger to confirm 18+ screen (shown for a second time). Is this a known issue?

That is not a known issue. Can you tell me a bit about your setup? HMD? Video card? It will really help me repro it.

(2 edits) (+1)

Yea, I've been having this problem to. Using quest 2 streaming from my computer. Seems like I have the option to fast track there, but it's faded out. Other than that I just want to say the first episode is incredible. I hope you can continue this project and change the lame adult stuff out there now. This is just what VR adult entertainment should be.

We're looking into this, I'll update you when we have it figured out. Thanks for the heads up

I am having the EXACT SAME issue.  When loading the EP2 tape, it gets STUCK at the 18+ press trigger screen.  ALSO, when trying to "fast travel" to EP2, the option is greyed out.

The other SUPER ANNOYING issue is while anywhere in the "Home" app, I am always slowly moving forward without touching the controls.  It is a constant struggle!

And now a suggestion - It feels super weird that my hands don't work.  Every interaction is with my creepy flat robot hands.  馃え  PLEASE fix this so it feel LESS "Sex of the DEAD".

what is free play mode exactly????

is there a way to change the height of  our camera? i am on quest2

It should be under the menu in the game itself

(1 edit)

Hi. I just fired this up after the recent updates and now my character slides to the left as soon as the welcome screen loads. This behavior continues when pulling the controller trigger to verify I'm over 18 and the game itself starts. It also occurs within the customizer. I have unplugged my other game controllers since I know they can interfere. The problem still exists. I have also reported it on your public Trello board. Thanks.

EDIT TO ADD: I do *not* get this problem in the Meet Marley module.

Deleted 151 days ago

Yep, still having the issue here. In the US and still not working.

We're looking into it right now. We'll get back to you ASAP!

Updated and fixed. Thanks for the heads up! If you downloaded through the itch launcher, it should have updated in your sleep (ohhhh, spooky)

Great game and thank you for your work. I just want to point out that I am in the USA and the lustcinema does not work for me either and I can't progress. Also, I may be in the minority here but Lady Euphoria's feet are super oddly shaped. Every other part of her is so detailed but her feet just don't look right lol. 

Yeah, we hear ya. We're definitely working on it :) Thanks for the heads up

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Got the same problem with lustcinema streaming not working. playing the game through itch app. Do we need to be member of lustcinema ? The timer just stay at 0, nothing is happening.


Sometimes it's an IP issue, depending on your country. We can usually fix it by asking Lust to open up the video to that country. Which country are ya in?

(1 edit) (+2)

Canada, I have also tried to connect with a vpn and connecting to a different country like the usa and doesn't seem to change anything. It's also opening chrome browser in the background.


UK for me, still not working. Attempted the VPN route too and still nothing

(1 edit)

I have also tried to disable my antivirus, launch in administrator mode and it's change nothing I am really out of option here, it's really sad because I was in love with the game so far, but it is really a game breaker bug. I wanted also to buy the gallery app and subscribe to the patreon but now I will have to wait to have this bug fixed first.

We updated the app today, and it should work for both of you now! Sorry for the long wait, it was an annoying bug to track down.

(1 edit)

Now the streaming is working, but the sound control doesn't work, I can't turn off or tone down the music.

media still not working 


i have the same problem with the media room can you help me for that?


Hi Guys!

I'm rocking a 980TI, with a 7700K CPU.

My performance is really awful, I expected to atleast hit 60 fps.  I'm on an Oculus CV1, I wonder if thats my issue?  I'll take any tips on performance.  Thanks!


I have just downloaded Episode 2 and I am in the media room, but the videos will not stream at all. Is there a way to just bypass it and load a local video? Or a quick fix to make the streams work? Thanks! 

Same situation right here, media room won't load the LustCinema videos

Same for me


How do you rotate the camera on desktop? I'm stuck looking one way. :o


Trigger doesn't work. Using Holodexx through VirtualDesktop streaming for Oculus Quest.


same problem here

Are you using a link cable? It's required for proper control handling


yes, still doenst work...




Hey Holodexxx devs! I'm trying to play on a Quest 2 through Virtual Desktop, but I can't seem to get the triggers working...

They won't register on the title screen where it says "press trigger or space bar to start", so I had to use my keyboard space bar to get through that.

They won't register in-game, so I can't grab/interact with anything.

Any solution I can try?


Use a link cable. We've tested it extensively, but a link cable is required for proper controller handling, unfortunately. 

So how long do you recommend. Also my pc does not support usb c input

Hi! Everything works fine, but I cant stream any of this Videos. So the Lady is waiting for me to start but nothing happens. Just a browser is opening on desktop with the Homepage of LustCinema. Can you please help me?


Should be fixed now with the latest update!

Does not work until now. Installed all new via Itch App.

Hey! Done everything via itch.io app and episode 2 doesn't show up, I tried pasting the .pak file inside HDX-home-ep1 > Content > Paks but it just doesn't work... :/ I'm not with sandbox mode enabled.



This should help you out :)


Hi again. I was never able to get episode 2 working even though I am doing everything via the itch.io app. However,  if I downgrade EP1 & Home from the lastest version 7 to version 5 EP2 it finally shows up. Niether version 6 or 7 work with EP2 for some reason.

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