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We're excited to show off an early glimpse at our next Holodexxx model, Marley Brinx.  The Holodexxx team is excited to create compelling content in the future that takes full advantage of Marley's advanced body and facial rig. We will be updating Meet Marley with some interactivity over the next month!

Core Features:

  • Fully animated Marley Brinx virtual human created using next generation photogrammetry scans
  • Subtle animations powered by high definition Mo-cap with an eye tracking / head tracking system
  • Removable clothing
  • Comfortable 2D mode, for all of your flatscreeners :)
  • Coming Soon: Spankable butt

Min Spec: Recent Intel i5  / 16GB Ram / Nvidia GTX 970  / Windows 10

Device Support: Rift, Vive, Pimax, WMR & 2D

Bug to Report? Log it HERE and we will fix it :) Here's our public Trello bug list.

Access all of our titillating content, including the beginning of our first story in Holodexxx Home over at our Patreon.  

All funds raised from any Holodexxx experiences goes right back into our project, with the ultimate goal of creating the most realistic adult experience ever developed.  Join us, and let's make the future of adult entertainment, together :)

Other Holodexxx Experiences:

Play with one of the world’s hottest adult stars, Riley Reid, in an up-close lap dance experience. Sneak Peek supports VR (Rift/Vive/Pimax/WMR) and 2D.


Get this game and 10 more for $44.00 USD
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the controls do not work well, when I press the grip to spank, it returns to the initial place where you appear, just try it with the keyboard and the same thing happens

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This game is fantastic, with good model and graphic and I really enjoy it, but it seem that I counter a rare problem where when i tried to spank the character (2D using keyboard), the game freeze and I have to manually end it in task manager. I don't know what is the cause or maybe the feature doesn't out yet. Hope to receive an answer. And again, great job on the game and I'll continue to support your future product.

Sorry for that! We'll look into the issue right away. Thanks for your words of encouragement! The team really appreciates it!


How do ya update with Itch to get all new features please ?


The new features are included in our Holodexxx Home & Experimental Releases. Feel free to check them out here!


Can you make the game claimable :-)?

What does that do? :D

That the game can link to the account. Did you make a free corona sale?

The game was free for a short period of time, yup!